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Moi a love story... you will embark on an enlightening journey across realms of love, intimacy, money, relationships, purpose and your legacy to fall in love with yourself and your life.

There are no words that can express this journey fully... it is a trust walk into remembering who you truly are.  

We honor our lives by living into who we are, and we co-create the most exquisite love story from this place.

Together with soul and spirit, you'll write your beauty and truth into existence and move through emotions empowered by the courage to reclaim your power. 

The exploration of self is a soul-filled experience for reclaiming your unique identity — one that will guide you as you continue to live into the best version of yourself.

Inside of Moi - A Love Story you will be guided on a transformative experience that grounds you in love, intimacy, money, relationships, purpose and your legacy.  

We'll come together for 9 live sessions.  

Module 01: The Convo 

 The conversation you truly need to have with yourself. You are going to get clear on what aspects of your life you have been denying yourself. We will go deep into the heart of addiction and the ways with which you are denying freedom in your life. (we all say we want freedom, but there are some particular ways with which we block it-you will identify what that is for you and the two things you need to allow freedom in your life.) There are unlimited types of addiction, not only drugs and alcohol, but complaining, overspending, negativity etc. Identifying your default here will unlock a new source of power and clarity so you can feel confident to say yes to what you are desiring to experience in your life. 

 Module 02: The Decision 

 As you know, knowledge and awareness is potent- but it’s what we choose to do with that awareness that changes our lives completely. The way with which we make decisions is something we often don’t talk about. It’s not just about making the decision, it’s about where you are inside of yourself as you decide. You will ignite your intuition in new ways, move outside the status quo of what is expected of you and into the liberation and joy of ‘Your life, Your way.’ 

 Module 03: The Devotion 

 Here is where we discern the piece of us that attributes hard work to success vs. the desire energy inside of us that must express itself. What are you devoted to? Why? Are you buying into the illusion of what you think you need to be doing? Or are you devoted to the unlimited source of creation that is propelling you forward into new realms and experiences in your life? 

 Module 04: The Love 

 We all seek it. We all know it’s everything. But what we don’t know is why we don’t allow it fully. For ourselves, for others and with others. Once you integrate The Convo, The Decision and The Devotion you will be ready to see which addictive habits have kept the amount of love you are capable of receiving at a distance. You will see the behaviors and the defaults that have kept you from full surrender in this precious energy. Whether you are currently in a relationship or not yet..this module will catapult you into the truth that you are enough. This has been one of the most humbling experiences I’ve had this month and I can't wait to support you in this! 

 Module 05: The Intimacy 

 I get asked about intimacy often. There are four types of intimacy we will address inside of Moi. Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. The way we feel about who we are, what we are capable of and what is ‘ok’ for us to receive all effects our intimacy quotient. In this module the walls you have up that you feel are a form of protection will be brought to light as you melt into the truth about intimacy. As you allow yourself to feel connections, cared for, supported and worthy of sacred attention in ALL areas of your life. 

 Module 06: The Abundance

 I may be the most excited about this module. Taking the full month off and knowing I was not going to be participating in creating income for EF, for my family- was liberating and also really hard! I saw my tendencies to rely on this form of false power and control and how it made me feel safe and needed. The true abundance I’ve tapped into and what I’ll be teaching you in this module is f;$(&(&:&$ unreal! 

 Here we will look at your default habits with money, and where you are not allowing your truth to guide you. We will also discern a HUGE defining factor between making and keeping money. 

If you want to be rich- seriously- in a way that reflects your truth, this module will give you the power and insight to finally live into that desire. 

 Module 07: The Support 

 This will be an in-depth live q&a to support you in getting your individual questions answered. You will have an opportunity to write in your question and have Tara address it on this special live call. 

 Module 08: The Purpose 

 I remember being a little girl and having so many conversations with God. ‘Please God just tell me what my purpose is. I will do whatever you say it is- just tell me!’ And I would wait for some full proof, 100% guarantee of an answer. Sure my intention was pure, but underneath it there was a desire to know what it was so I wouldn’t fail. In this module you will learn YOUR PURPOSE! 
But more importantly you will identify HOW you desire to live into it. What your Soul is uniquely being called to experience not only in this lifetime- but at this moment in time. This module will ignite a heartfelt resonance between you and your Soul that provides peace, freedom and direction. 

 Module 09: The Legacy 

 There is so much confusion and SO much pressure for those of us that want to do good and impact the world with our gifts. It’s so easy to feel paralyzed by the desire to do good! So much so that we end up defaulting into thinking if we just made more money then…NO! This is not the answer…there is a way with which you can live your legacy and connect with your purpose that allows you to not use worry, anxiety and fear as a motivator. 
This live program has been intentionally created to guide you into a new way of experiencing your life-a way that truly reflects you. 

 You may be finding yourself at a crossroads. 

 * Maybe you feel burnt out on your career and are considering a completely new path. 
 * Maybe you are experiencing a divorce or a shift in your relationship and you know you require to know who you are. 
 * Maybe you are feeling the calling of a new season in your life and you are dedicated to no longer living in the past ‘success’ but reinventing yourself in the present.
 * Maybe you are tired of the way things have been and know inside of you that there is more in this life for you to experience.

You will reclaim your power in everything you do and honor your uniqueness inside... while having the courage to live the life you choose

This is a LIVE program that will be held in April 2023.  First Module starts on April 4th


  • 9 Live Video Module Sessions
  • Private FB group
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  • BONUS: Gift With Purchase - Receive Feminine Edge ($3333 value) when you join Moi!

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"Tara the authenticity you offer is incredible.  I'm so excited to join up and be part of this, I honestly believe it could be the thing to finally unleash my true desires... work out my true purpose and create a life that is truly fulfilling!"

Anita G.

"The last 3 years working with my Femmes has supported me through the loss of 3 loved ones in 8 months, helped me design a coaching business which I truly LOVE, and has opened my capacity for receiving to a whole new level. Nothing I have done before has impacted my life so much and the success of other courses/study now is doubled because I invite my Femmes to support me. I am so grateful for everything Tara has taught & shared "

Jo M .

“Tara's knowledge is wide ranging and esoteric and yet her talent is in how she navigates it all, aligning her insights with what is personal to you and delivering her advice in laser sharp, straight-shooting doses that are both compassionate and kind”

Julia M .