The ONE-OF-A-KIND “Beauty Bubble” That Gives You Clarity and Permission to Live Your Beautiful Life.
A 3 Week Immersion for the Femme Who Desires More Beauty in Her Life.
The Belle Vie begins July 11th. This is a full immersion program for 3 full weeks! 

Over the three weeks, we will meet live 6 days a week. This will support the deeper activation of your desires and the integration of your Femmes.

In the "Beauty Bubble," you will... 

  • Learn how to activate your Indie FemmeType to support the version of your La Belle Vie. 
  • Activate your Frenchie version of La Belle Vie 
  • Ignite the support and version of your New Yorker, La Belle Vie 

And integrate these versions to create a unified vision of what your own beautiful life looks like so you can receive it! 

Your Indie will support you to enhance your ability to receive your beautiful life and enhance your identify to BE the woman who lives this way. 

Your Frenchie will surrender to a profound truth of what she desires and what beauty means to her (without needing to prove it.) 

Your New Yorker will enhance the truth of what support looks like to you inside of your Beautiful Life. 

Together these versions will activate a profound awareness, clarity and permission of your belle vie so you can LIVE like you desire to live. 

Without this integration we often spin our wheels in confusion and inner conflict...wanting one version, but not being able to receive it.

*Brand New Bonus Added:
 The Frenchie Guide to La Belle Vie

An exquisite magazine style guide to pleasure and beauty. Tara's tops tips including, favorite frenchie beauty products, style and design elements to inspire and enhance your belle vie. Value $297

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"Tara is a role model for a whole new way of living. She is leading the feminine shift that is happening in the world right now"

Ali Brown